Monday, May 25, 2009

This is why Sylvester Stallone is a Hypocrite!

The rumor that Sylvester Stallone was issued a CCW permit struck my interest as I had recently been made aware that he had attended a Los Angeles event sponsored by the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence. The "Brady Bunch", as they are commonly referred to by gun-rights advocates, are one of the most well known organizations that are lobbying to take away our rights as lawful gun owners. I was also learning that Stallone had been quoted in the past saying some very anti-gun statements, even advocating door to door gun confiscations! I found all of this terribly hypocritical.

Read and see the actual documentation at:

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Anonymous said...

First he told it perhaps 15 years ago,now he is for control guns,It make him hypocryte,he just change mind,He has seen that there is not possible take a guns people,so he is atleast for control...It is not hypocryte,Stop make up nonsenses,SLY is one amazing guy