Friday, May 22, 2009

Bailout for the Spending Monsters of CA?

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May 22, 2009

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Don't even think about it! The Speaker cannot even take care of her home
state. For 12 years I tried to tell these idiots to stop spending and they
refused. Now I live in MO. Don't even think about using my $2,800.00 paid
in Federal taxes for these loosers in CA!


SACRAMENTO, Calif. - The day of reckoning that California has been warned
about for years has arrived. The longest recession in generations and the
defeat this week of a package of budget-balancing ballot measures are
expected to lead to state spending cuts so deep and so painful that they
could rewrite the social contract between California and its citizens.
They could also force a fundamental rethinking of the proper role of
government in the Golden State.

"The voters are getting what they asked for, but I'm not sure at the end
of the day they're going to like what they asked for," said Jim Earp,
executive director of the California Alliance for Jobs, which represents
the hard-hit construction industry. "I think we've crossed a threshold in
many ways."

California is looking at a budget deficit projected at more than $24
billion when the new fiscal year starts in July. That is more than
one-quarter of the state's general fund.

This week, voters said they no longer want the Legislature to balance
budgets with higher taxes, complicated transfer schemes or borrowing that
pushes California's financial problems off into the distant future. In
light of that, Republican Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has made it clear he
intends to close the gap almost entirely through drastic spending cuts.

The governor's cutbacks could include ending the state's main welfare
program for the poor, eliminating health coverage for about 1.5 million
poor children, halting cash grants for about 77,000 college students,
shortening the school year by seven days, laying off thousands of state
workers and teachers, slashing money for state parks and releasing
thousands of prisoners before their sentences are finished.

"I understand that these cuts are very painful and they affect real
lives," Schwarzenegger said. "This is the harsh reality and the reality
that we face. Sacramento is not Washington — we cannot print our own
money. We can only spend what we have."


Mark Wxxxxxx

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