Sunday, April 12, 2009


WTF Over?

Because the President wants to prove by example that no matter how overwhelming our military power is and no matter how right we are...we still won't do anything.

Our problem is we have a Carter in office when we need a Reagan.

Actually it is a show of FARCE.

This is such an embarrassment. Four scumbags with AKs and we send 1800 Marines to watch the FBI pay the ransom. WTF! Now if they have the Marine carrier there so that a seal team can launch from it and kill the scumbags then I'm all for it, but I don't think the Zero has the balls. This guy makes Jimmy Carter look like Ronald Reagan.

Is this not the most inefficient way to deal with them? How much does it cost to send that kind of equipment to the area? Do we need 4 battleships to take out a few canoes with a 15 HP Evinrude on it?

Obama is gonna show the world how 4 halfwit Muslim Pirates can defeat a U.S. battleship.

Good Lord Almighty; I'm embarrased that BO is the CIC. Here we go. Our decent into oblivian.

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