Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Taxpayer's ARE Suckers!

Now, facts are starting to surface about where [some] of the money from stimulus one went:

* CitiGroup loaned $8b+ to a company in Dubai
* Bank of America loaned $7b+ for a stock deal to a Chinese construction co.
* JP Morgan/Chase $1b+ in India

Easy to see why none of this "stimulus" is working, eh? Keep in mind, this is just 3 examples of the shenanigans that are going on.

I don't believe even for a minute that these banks are too interested in "stimulating" America. They got some money, and used it where they thought they could get the biggest bang for the buck. Yeah, that would be alright if it was "their" money...but it wasn't!

Now, Congress want to 'hold some hearings'....yawn...that money is ~gone~, and it wasn't used to help Americans get 'car loans' !!

Bank of Italy...err..."Bank of America"..pffftt!

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