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If you milk the gov't:

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Reality check time folks, especially for those opposed to this idea. Two years ago, I put forth here, and several other places a four point plan to reform welfare. For those saying it's an invasion of privacy, or it's too easy to cheat and a waste of money, I say this there is NO RIGHT TO WELFARE. Welfare is money STOLEN by the government and redistributed to 'needy' people. It was started with the good intention of providing a safety net, and has become the most abused boondoggle dragging down the taxpaying citizens. to that end, I'm recreating my arguement and plan.

As Welfare is a voluntary program, and welfare recipients are not contributing to the sucess or growth of a community, they have what is classified as having 'no skin in the game' as such they are dragging down their community and adversely impacting the growth of the same. To that end, effective immediately the following four rules should be enforced for anyone accepting a majority (51% or more) of their family income in the form of 'public assistance'.

1) Since you have no money in the system, you should not be authorized to tell others how to spend theirs. To that end, your voting rights are temporarily suspended, reinstated once you have a paying job and are contributing to the community in the form of taxes. To prevent recipients for taking a job for a day (or hour) and then voting, a time limit such as x days or hours off welfare in the past year, and of course, not currently ON welfare/ Public assistance.

2) Since you can not support yourself or your family, Tax payers should not have to pay for your addiction or illegal activities. To that end if members of our military can take random observed urinalysis, we'll make it easier on you, and take a hair test. Hair being collected by the person approving your application, and randomly there after. Anyone caught cheating will immediately loose any and all privileges.

3) Since you are accepting government funds, you are expected to earn your funds. This can be in the form of volunteer or public service activities. Everything goes from babysitting other public assistance family children, to reporting to local government offices and doing work as assigned. This can also help local government budgets, as it can reduce office staff, such as janitorial, clerical, road crews, etc. Failure to do x number of hours per week means you're off the program.

4) Since you can not afford to support your existing family, you can not afford more. No more reward for popping out dependents. In any child is born 9 months AFTER your application for public assistance, ALL children in the family will be placed in the foster system, and or put up for adoption, AND you and your spouse will be removed from the program.

Now most politicians will hate this because it WILL remove a large portion of their political power, some will call it raciest and say it targets the poor, but they'll never admit it provides the motivation and tools to prevent multi-generation teat suckers, and actually help the people it was intended to help.
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And CEO's have to submit TOO!

Take a gov't handout = loose your Freedom!

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